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This song is by Louis Jordan and Martha Davis and appears on the compilation album Let the Good Times Roll (1938-1954) (1992) by Louis Jordan and on the compilation album Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five (2001) by Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five.

Daddy-O, I'm a-gonna teach you some rules
From now on, that's all you'll be able to use
Do you hear me, Daddy-O?
I'm a-gonna teach you some rules

However you wanted it, I sang your song
Whenever you wanted me, I tagged along
But the lipstick on your shirt isn't mine
So I'm getting off, it's the end of the line
Do you hear me Daddy-O?
I'm gonna teach you some rules

Mommy-O, how can you say that to me?
Don't you know, Mommy-O
I've been sweet as a sweet man could be
Do you hear me, Mommy-O?
How can you say that to me?

You wanted a diamond ring, a Cadillac
You got 'em, but Mommy-O, I want 'em back
If I have to take a brush off from you
Then I'm gonna take my war bonds, too
Do you hear me Mommy-O?
I'm gonna teach you some blues

You told me that a woman was your religion
But, I didn't hear you mention that you meant them all
Oh, you can just consider you're a daddy pigeon
'Cause I've got to be only filly in the stall

A lot of fish are waiting 'round who want to nibble
And your baby's got a line that they can overload
So Daddy-O, I'm hardly in the mood to quibble
And you'll make me very happy if you hit the road

You gave me the runaround, and that was wrong
You wanted to run around, so run along
If we never meet again, it's too soon
And I'll make a bet, you'll be changing your tune
Do you hear me Daddy-O?
I'm a-gonna teach you some blues

Spoken: Now, Honey, put my shoes back under the bed
Don't set my trunk out in the hall
Naw, sugar

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