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Petootie Pie
Petootie Pie
You're my Petootie sugar-fruity dreamy pie
I crave and cram
Your special jam
You're underrated, solidated Superman
And every gal who passes
Just looks and hollas "Oh"
Like flies caught in molasses
Petootie Pie
Petootie Pie
You're such a tasty hunk of pastry, me oh my
Gotta light the oven
Gonna cook a dish of lovin'
So kiss me oh my patootie pie

You're my patootie pie
We'll count to seven (one two three four five six seven)
Then steal away to heaven (come on darling let's go)
So kiss me (ah) and kiss me (what, again?)
So kiss me oh my petootie pie


Music by:

Frank Paparelli / Lorenzo Pack / Raymond Leveen

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