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Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I'm Falling (Reprise)

This song is by Louis Hobson, Alice Ripley and Aaron Tveit and appears on the musical soundtrack Next to Normal (2009).

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Dr. Madden:
Make up your mind this is clarity
Clarity that you did not have before
The treatment is strong but lasts only so long
It may be your mind's needing more

Make up your mind that you'll try again
Make up your mind, there are moments of light
The things that's sure is that there is no cure
But that doesn't mean we don't fight

Catch me I'm falling
Sinking and sprawling
Maybe I let myself fall

Diana & Gabe:
Watch me I'm falling
Maybe the falling
Isn't so bad after all (Make up your mind to be free)
Isn't so bad after all (Make up your mind to be free)
Watch me I'm falling (Make up your mind)
Watch me I'm flying (Make up your mind)
Somehow surviving (Make up...)

Dr. Madden:
Stay with me, try again
Don't walk out on treatment
Don't lose what you've won
You've struggled for years but you've only begun

Stay with me, try again
Is medicine magic? You know that it's not
We know it's not perfect but it's what we've got
It's all that we've got


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