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Funny Feathers

This song is by Louis Armstrong and Victoria Spivey and appears…

Way down in chicken town, they've got a chicken clown
He's funny Oh honey and how
He sure can shake a tee, he set the whole world
All of him think that he's a Wow

They call him Funny Feathers, he's the best dressed rooster in town
Boy he's cute, boo the boo
He's a man that rules all chicken land
They call him Funny Feather Man

They lay eggs only when he's around
Oh he's got stuff that will bring him down
Oh when he winks all the poulets stop to think
That he's a funny feather man

They call him Funny Feathers, he's the only up to date boy
He's hot stuff, boy how rough
He's the law all the little chicks call him Pa
'Cause he's a Funny Feather Man

When the hens all trot around, now he don't kick but he runs them down
Well, he's not so slow, when he get through they all know
That he's a Funny Feather Man


Written by:

Ruth Naomi Floyd / Victoria Spivey

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