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Want What

This song is by Los Capitanes and appears on the album No Fun Intended (2006).

Cuándo yo estoy solo, quiero a una mujer. Cuándo yo estoy con una mujer yo deseo la sola vida.

I'm so lonely I think I'm going to cry
How come nobody loves me?
Desperate and single I want to get high
How come nobody loves me?
So I lower my standards anyone will do, that's how come I got stuck with you
Now I'm trapped with a girl who cannot give me what I need, God how I wish I was
So I dumped that girl thought I would be free
But now I got nobody who loves me.
I'm looking for girls who wont want to start some fights I'm looking for some warmth on those long lonely nights
Turns out single life isn't all its said to be, drinking beer by myself gets me very lonely
So once again I'm searching the scene until this girl caress me down yeah ya know what I mean
So even though the girl she treat me like dirt, at least she has some tits and at least she wear a skirt
Its de ja vu this familiar feeling, single life is becoming appealing
So I dumped that girl 'cause I wanted to be free
But I still need somebody to love me
I think that I'll be lonely till the day I die
Unless I find a girl who wants to rock it with I
With my current reputation I don't think I will get far
At least I have the love of my electric guitar

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