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The Good Thing About Having No Friends

This song is by Los Capitanes and appears on the album No Fun Intended (2006).

When I left school I had so many friends
The world was at my feet
For about a month we sang and danced and drank
We didn't need to sleep
Then one day when I woke up
I found my friends had disappeared
Checked the pubs, I checked the clubs
It was worse than I had feared
They were overseas
A million billion trillion miles away
Sharing feelings with some strangers
Must make me look lame

It's funny how they say
You only know what you got when it is gone
It's not that funny in this instance
'Cause I knew all along
Yes, I know that you're not dead
You're just an sms away
It's depressing sms'ing can make a person's day

I'll talk
And you'll listen
'Cause they're gone
And I miss 'em

There's only one thing now which keeps me coming Completely off the track
The thought that some day not too far away
My friends will all be back

Whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah

We're cooler than we look
We're better than we smell
We're nicer than we sound
Yeah, we're cooler than we look!

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