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This song is by Los Capitanes and appears on the album No Fun Intended (2006).

I'll cheer you up: 1 time
I'll cheer you up: 2 times
I'll cheer you up: 3 times

Driving in car pimpin' reggae melody
I drive car but reggae drive me
Because reggae music can pick up yourself
Take all of your Bob Marley records off the shelf
You the coolest fish I know and I hate to see you down
If there was a queen fish I would let you wear da crown
'Cause if ya you feel sad, I think about it all day
I try to write a song that will make you happy

Because if ya like me then music heals all
It can make you feel strong and it make you feel tall

Music is enough,
Don't need other stuff
Money don't make my day
'Cause I am wealthy in another way

When I got you by my side I can feel-a-my chest swell up with pride
You're my Superfish, a Superfish

You becomin' a regular anger offender, when you stressing and fussin' about and
Ya tearin' ya hair and ya frown and they stare and you just want to Scream and a shout
Remember this rhyme you gotta my love, ya know Reilly stylee the bomb
Now pick up yourself and skank till you drop or at least till the end of the song

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