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The Sands of Time

This song is by Lord of the Lost and appears on the album Swan Songs (2015).

You say my name
As if you say it for the last time
The last time in your life
Don't you pray to god he will not hear
Couse in our time he's nowhere near
We are lonely when we die

I am waiting for salvation
We can leave this world behind
We'll be hiding
Deep in the sands of time
Now I need your medication
Take away this pain of mine
Take me somewhere
Deep in the sands of time
Deep in the sands of time

We fade away
Into the shadows of the night
Far away from paradise
You know there is nothing we regret
Or strong enough to hold us back
Say good bye
To the light

Into the shadows we must go
To find a world that we belong to
A secret place not many know
The blood is cold we let it go

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