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Beyond Beautiful

This song is by Lord of the Lost and appears on the album Beside & Beyond (2012) and on the album Swan Songs (2015).

I'd love to hate you and I hate to say goodbye
Although it's real I've been living in a lie
The more I know the more I hate
I have to run
I deceive myself
It's like necking with a gun

For this time I start to realize that life's a bitch
She hits you in the face and gives and tender Judas kiss
Every thought is like salt in my wounds
Until they're scarred you think she's bothering you too

In a different place
No expectations just our will
I am losing you pace by pace
When I look at your perfect face
You're Beyond Beyond Beautiful

I hate to love you but I do I can't deny
I found myself by losing you in better lies
It's 5 past 12 maybe I was still too young
I will hurt myself by hurting you on my ego run

In a different place
No expectations just our will
For the last time your perfect face
Pale and dead

When I carry you to your grave
You're Beyond Beautiful

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