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Stadium Coat

This song is by Longfellow and appears on the album We're Huge In Japan (1998).

This is it, here it is, once again it's come for me
But this time I'm not going to take it, This time I'm going to be ready
I've wasted too much time here, time invested in you
And I haven't gained a thing, and I don't know what to do
So I've given up, and I've given in, And no matter how it appears, I know that I can't win
But I'm happy for once in my life
So tell me, are you content, wherever you are, and d you ever think of me? Do thoughts of me invade your mind, and block out all you see? Tell me the truth, it doen't bother me (Nothing affects me anymore)
Because I've learned about me, and I've learned about life
And how to handle what's in store
Can't you tell?

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