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Madman, Bum, And Angel

This song is by Longfellow and appears on the album And So On... (1998).

Another heartattack, and it looks like this headache's back don't know what;s wrong with me could be I'm losing it. I wish I could relax and watch it all come down, but I'm a part of this too what can I do? it's hard to find the light it's fading fast not sure how long t will last and when it's dark around, we'll be even more lost that we are now. I'm so bored with everything I don;t know how the hell I knew what I wa doing. now I'm not sure what's going on I had my chance and now it's gone this crazy world is upside-down I'm screaming but I can't hear a sound. ot's too quiet! what can i... do you think that you could help. because I feel like I am slowly dying just stretch out your hand before it's gone before I'm gone.

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