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Knife Hits

This song is by Longfellow and appears on the album And So On... (1998).

Supine and sympathetic gotta be aware of the circumstances, watch what you say, watch that clock it's getting late, abbreviated, I'm above the mass majority
Timberland, I'll do what I can
Wallls fall, block my way
I've got to move on, I've ogt to get out (away) something's up with these things bring the guilt and I will bring, a little treat that makes you more of who (what) you want to be
Charged with emotion
Charge it all to my card
This open plastic devtion with no ending in... sights getting blurred shouldn't say another word nothing makes much sense until the morning after anyway
Bees swarm around my head they won't sting, but I am not afraid
Sucknig up, shut it up
I would havestayed but I knew that you'd be late
And I want to pass go, never compromise the indecision
And I'll lose it all
But as long as life goes on nothing can hurt me

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