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Destroyer Of Worlds And The Number 04 RGC

This song is by Longfellow and appears on the album We're Huge In Japan (1998).

Well I guess it is too late for fighting now,
Because everything's already in pieces.
So much for trying to get things back on track.
There are no words I can use to describe this.
Am I in Paradise, or am I in hell?
Not sure I know the difference anymore.
Do you remember that time, when you shut me out.
Well, I waited in the dark outside your door.
Believe it or not, I can't tell what I've got.
Or maybe I should say, I can't tell what I had.
Everything is wrong, and I should move on.
But I'm stuck in yesterday, and isn't that too bad?
Sometimes I wish I was a bit more original,
But then it'd be too easy to blend into the crowd.
And I'm sorry if I upset you with my bridges but I build them up again.
And I know that I paid you back long ago,
But ask me and I can't say when.

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