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Anthropomorphism Is A Silly Deceit

This song is by Longfellow and appears on the album And So On... (1998).

I did my part, and you're taking it so hard maybe I should just crawl back into that hole I dug for me. "i too the long way home or a blackout must have fucked up the phones" I should have realized. this kind of thing always happens. I've trusted, and I've fussed with all of this before. I turn corners to find I've never left at all. this heat's unbearable, it's driving me insane but I'd like to think that maybe I was headed there anyway a few simple words will do, but I'm so tired and where the hell are you? before you bark out some excuse, think about the consequences. so thoughtless, I'm not this boy you made me out to be so turn off the damn light and let me sleep. I will drive for miles without thinking, watch the sun it's slowly sinking, anything to keep my mind off reality and all it's winding twists and turns but I'm still going. got my eyes straight on the road and the sun is drwing me insice forget the world it's time to say goodbye, wrong again.

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