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A Mess Without You

This song is by Ljungblut and appears on the album Influences for a New Album (2005).

I've been lying all my life.
Now I don't know,
What's real anymore.

And I need you
On how to stop the bleeding.
And I need you
On why my heart skip beats.

You got something that I want.
Hey you.
You got something that I want,
That I can't have.

You step all over me,
Yeah you squeeze me.
Like a roach on the bathroom floor.
Now I need you
To show me on how to hold back.
And I need you,
As strange as it may sound.
Yeah I need you around.

Say konnichiwa in your own way,
Say gomen nasai in your own way.

Wheter with or without you,
I'm a mess.
It's like everything happens
For a reason I guess.

So you flip me off rooftops,
And you kick me off a cliff.
Left your lips there on my mirror,
Plus something you wrote.
Death is not a joke.

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