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Driving Wheel (1962)

Little Junior Parker - Driving Wheel

Driving Wheel

  1. Drivin' Wheel
  2. I Need Love So Bad
  3. Foxy Devil
  4. Someone Broke This Heart of Mine
  5. How Long Can This Go On
  6. Yonder's Wall
  7. Annie Get Your Yo-Yo
  8. Tin Pan Alley
  9. Someone Somewhere
  10. Seven Days
  11. The Tables Have Turned
  12. Sweet Talking Woman
    2015 bonus tracks
  13. Sweet Home Chicago
  14. Five Long Years
  15. Next Time You See Me
  16. In The Dark
  17. Barefoot Rock
  18. Wondering
  19. Strange Things Happening
  20. These Kind Of Blues

The Dudes Doin' Business (1970)

Jimmy McGriff And Junior Parker - The Dudes Doin' Business

The Dudes Doin' Business

  1. In the Heat of the Night
  2. Workin'
  3. A Losing Battle
  4. Oh! Darlin'
  5. The Inner Light
  6. Ain't That a Shame
  7. Drownin' on Dry Land
  8. It Ain't What 'cha Got
  9. Good Things Don't Happen Every Day


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Artist information:

  • b.1932, d.1971
  • Instruments: vocals, harmonica

Real name:

Little Junior Parker is a performance name for Herman Parker, Jr..

Also known as:

Little Junior's Blue FlamesLittle Junior Parker Blue Flames OrchestraLittle Junior Parker & His Blue FlamesLittle Junior Parker and His Blue FlamesJunior Parker

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