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Tribes Unrealized

This song is by Lisa Gerrard.

Dim window, purple perfume
Sweetly glimpsed upon the lake
Our shadow mirrors in the mind
To bade in the wake
Of an open glass transparency
A course to filter through
The swinging cage inherently
Traps and chose no clue
It sweeps across the emptiness
Its fortress walls of fright
Alluding hands anointed
From the cradles of our fight
To sing a secret dignity
A pathway to the stars
With strings and reels invisible
They forge the very bars
They enter into sacred rhymes
That penetrate the meek
The arrogant and ignorant
Empower themselves to seek
An embroidery of vanity
Sweeps throughout this land
Denial of humility
Warm blood lays upon our hands
Born of lust, false wombs of trust
To break the ancient reason
The arrogant and ignorant
Empower themselves to season
The cage that they have tempered
Casts of greed entrenched with lies
They sway the unsung galleons
Of tribes unrealised

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