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Hymn For The Fallen

This song is by Lisa Gerrard.

My attends to you
As a mother hears
While her children sleep
Now look
See how they're dreaming
The black reciter reads
While the children sleep
Don't go so deep in slumber
Where you'll shy
Know you'll wander in sleep
Don't you fly too far away
Some men die without crying
Suffering so long and alone
Softly children dry your eyes
Gently children be wise
My attends to you
As a mother hears
All her children's fears
So don't cry
All will wash away
When we pray
Soon soon soon soon soon
So if it's okay I'll wait with you while
The sun began to shine
Oh look your wings are broken
But never a lie was spoken
The murdered thing is love you see
Drifting on a lake of memory
Now sleep close your eyes and have no fear
A wide blue sky is very near
My attends to you
As a mother hears
Her children's fears

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