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This song is by Lingua Mortis Orchestra and appears on the album LMO (2013).

It was back in the 16th century
When enlightenment was still elementary.
People lived with their superstition,
Death was all around.

War and black death. War and black death.

And when the fruits would perish,
Harvest was dried and withered.
And then the children died,
The pestilence, the plague.

War and black death. War and black death.

Madness is everywhere, a real hysteria.
Thousands would lose their lives,
Burned by that mob alive.

She's just a scapegoat
(In darkness they will dwell)
Create a true world of hell.

'Cause the church overpowered superior,
Ruled the people's minds with sheer terror,
Found a scapegoat for real everything
That scared them in their lives.

War and black death. War and black death.

Scared by powers of nature
Ignorance would have made you
Fear those who knew 'bout healing,
Far away from God.


Music by:

Victor Smolski

Lyrics by:

Peavy Wagner


Victor Smolski

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