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Sentimentally Yours

This song is by Lime and appears on the album A Brand New Day (1988).

(Richard Buck)

I remember the night
When I met you, baby
We were sitting in the car
Teenagers on summer holiday
You looked into my eyes
And said you were lonely
So I would kiss you in the moonlight
Stay close to you the night away

I love you, I want you
More than ever I treasure you
I'll be sentimentally yours always

Take me, take me
Hold me in your arms
Say you love me
Touch me, touch me
I want to feel it
Deeper in my soul

You're an angel of love
And a sunshine of my life
Girl, each time I hold you near me
My heart is beating out of control
I remember the night
When I met you baby, baby


(Sax Solo)

Sentimentally yours always
Sentimentally yours... always

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