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We Taking Over-Remix

This song is by Lil Wayne and appears on the mixtape Da Drought 3 (2007).

It's Me
The rapper eater (ha) feed ma feed me feed me
Nohomo (ha) One time for me one time for the D.J
He be Khaled I be lil weezy
Baby if yu ask me if yu nasty
Creators give your best its spistoratic
I'm so diplomatic, democratic
Touch it bring it push it systematic
Damm right
I kiss my daddy
I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is
And I'm his kid I stunt with my daddy
Call Ms. Lee
She with my daddy
So diss me and don't diss my daddy
Cause who was there when there was no one
Just my daddy
Who was there when I needed money
Just my daddy
So who be there when I see the money
Just my daddy
Who said that I'd be the one
Just my daddy
Hello hip hp I'm home
It's your daddy
When I say teach
I don't mean the caddy
I'm mean in the streets
8 cars and khaled
Rick Ross tip stuntin and Fat Joe
And I can't can't can't forget Risko
Ya man I done squashed the?
It's a bakery here jus tryna get dough
Shut to my?
My hasians and chikos
Your lookin' for me I'm in the 3 0
5 I'm the best rapper alive

Homeboy gotta mind got a map wit him find
Homeboy got a 9 got a capital find
I could get to it even if I was blind
Scurry when they be screamin?
I'm a King you can ask Steven if I'm lyin'
I'm a prince to the?? like my mom
To old
To cold
Like wet salimeee
Me me it's all about me
If a girl gotta voice then she talk about me
Me he say she say I say me
We'll be in the MIA me
Wit me and T
And big Brownie
And the home is streets
Probly somewhere on the beach
And Taz and E proly sme where in the jeep
And ma in the Phantom with Mr. G
And me me it's all about me
Play with me and it's all ill beef
Beef yes chest feet
Tag bag blood sheets
Yikes yeekes
Great sky
Storch can I borrow your Yacht
Watch me and my click go all out
Like the balls in the stands we balls out
(Ah) boy I don't know wat y'all about
But I just spit like a dogs mouth
Clean ice just lookin' like a hog mouth
Vroooom I had to bring the hog out
Yeah like them trees bring the log out
Everyday christmas I'm egg nogged out
And hip hop is my new bart house
My flow jus cool legs and walkd out

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