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Represent 4 The South

This song is by Lil Wayne.

(Chorus: Young Jeezy (Screwed and Chopped) (x2)
I represent for the South
My residence is the shore
Couple golds in my mouth
Bring my dance and my charm
I'm as hot as it get
I'm the youngest in charge
And ya oughta show some respect
I represent for da South

(Rick Ross:)
I'm not a slim thug, I'm a fat mack
I don't give a fuck, I'll push ya hat back
Still sellin' dubs nigga, that's fact
You can hit me on the cell pimp, that's that
I had to pawn my chain to grab a half ounce
10 years later, time for me to cash out
You dealin' wit a dope dealin' dictator
Fuck traffickin' nigga, I get the shit catered
See the clique tailored, only the Gucci shit
I fucks wit' Damon, I'm in the movies kid
My mom reminisce on a late nights
When I used to reel 'em in wit da straight white
Now I'm 6, 17 with a li'l Beamer
First foreign car, far from a lil' dreamer
Daddy severed his relationship
I think momma quit 'im 'cause he wasn't makin' shit

(Lil Wayne:)
Money to be made best believe a nigga glockin'
I run it myself like a quarterback option

I pitch 'er ten g's, tell a bitch to go shoppin'
She buy herself some clothes and she brought me back on chopper
Niggas try'na kick it but no I don't play soccer
I'm all about my cake, I'm try'na marry Betty Crocker
A package on the way you know my whip game proper
And off of one key, I see seventy thousand dollars
Now I was shootin dice, smokin' on a joint
I bet wit' Yo Gotti he hit five straight points
We over here hustlin, we over here grindin
You rap bout money and a nigga might sign you
Rap 'bout me and a nigga might find you
Banana in ya ass wit ya head right behind ya
Dope game bitch, let his momma worry about him
You can holla at me, a fee!

(Young Jeezy:)
Snowman bitch (bitch), need I say more (more)
When you get done with these, look I got twenty more (haha)
Still got blow money, cause nigga I know money (money)
Now I'm on the road gettin' fifty a show money
Still sittin' on white bricks (bricks), wrapped in duct tape (tape)
30 minutes flat, I could bake a whole cake
Got a pocket full of stacks, safe full of blocks
When they cam through, look the stones on the watch
Iced out belt buckle, they never had a chance
Drop sixty grand, just to hold up my pants
Still got da Chevy, spent a grip on the Lambo
Twelve carats in my ears just the show 'em what I stand fo' (hey!)

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