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Ol School

This song is by Lil Wayne.

(Lil Wayne)
1st Verse
Hard body motherfucker got the heart of a killer Young Guard in the buildin bout to start a religion Bout to call Bin Laden up and order some missiles Bring 'em straight to yo block and go da war wit ya bitches If you hit the head pin the rest fall in the position Shoot a nigga on his porch and make fall in his kitchen Cop the big boy Porshe wit all its specifics And I keep that torch baby call me olympics Red white blue pill flip my skills like gymnast And never give a bitch money blood or kidneys When the gun goes Pow I'll be at the finish wit my metal round my neck or the grab for my tennis The land of the murder dope crack and surrenders Pull up on you with the Coupe how fat your engine Never talk to those that sat on the benches I was in the game on forth and inches These niggaz want the business Imma give these hoes the business Keep fucking wit the boy that tought toys before Christmas Got all these hoes trippin' Got all these hoes strippin And we ain't PSC but them niggaz know we tippin I just brought a pint and ain't none of y'all sippin make my friends buy they own Fuck I'm tired of being friendly Ain't gotta lie just to try and be wit me Bitches up in heavyweight bout to die to be wit me I'm crazy for being Wayne or is Wayne just crazy I been around still around like the Geico caveman Hair pen trigger no I won't shave it I spot hip hop in the ocean I'm gon save it The South is so dirty bitch you can't bathe it Holygrove dog and I feel like Mating Even though yo pussy slip it so fakin And its fuck you and fuck Georgia Bush not Meagan Fuck waist deep I'm in over my head But its cool imma make it I'm good like making Yo girl wants me to come around like Reagan Yo boyfriend is softer than the carton the eggs in I don't fear nothing but god and weddings At the top of my paper like I'm starting a heading My homie Santana yeah that's my ace but you may know him as I can't
Feel my face

2nd Verse

Yeah see they don't know where I came from but they know where I'm going And Ill tell you just off the top hills where I'm going In the game I'm no cheater, ima tiger, ima cougar, ima panther, ima bingo O cho sinco I'm illy shirts off in gilly In a pair of Gucci flops feelin' freeier than Willie When them niggaz left I got a lil bit chilly But I just let it burn like the end of the philly

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