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Ignorant Shit

This song is by Lil Wayne and appears on the mixtape Young Money Millionaire 5 (2009).

And I'll take probation
I don't want that T.I and Vick vacation
Private plane, pick location
I'm going to the bank to make a big donation
Yeah, I don't stunt I stunt hard
And if the food ain't on the stove
I hunt for it
But in the mean time you can call me young roy
Jones Jnr fighting the drugs and gun charge
Don't leave me unguarded
And ima cheese head, where the vince lambardi
Word to Mark Martin leave a snitch departed
All that blood like the red tea party
My gun go crazy like its retarded
Red light on it like its recordin'
I ain't recordin', I'm just C-4ing
My currency foreign
We are in a league they aren't
Better dig in your pocket and pay homage
Better cover your eyes, your face fallin'
Watch the game from the side I'm play callin'
No I didn't say that I'm flawless
But I damn sure don't tarnish
My pistol got comments for your garments
I'm so high I can vomit on a comet
KY no homo I'm on it
Weezy F Baby new bomb bitch
You know what they say about when your palm itch
I'm gon get money, money, I'm gon get

Young Money in ya tummy, and we gon shit
And get that toilet paper quick like when bones spit
That's right bitch I'm back on my grown shit
That Audemars Piguet
No ice just chrome shit
And your boyfriend softer than a foam pit
I scream fuck the world with a long dick
Muthafucker I'm me
Yeah bitch I'm me
You niggaz sweet like the pussy in which I eat
Fireman burn down your entire street
So fly ima take off when I leap
And you can suck my wings
Stand on my money head butt Yao Ming
Put your hand in the oven if you touch my things
I'm shuffling the cards bout to cut my queens
But I ain't the dealer (a)
House full of bitchs like Tila Tequila
I'm the man in the mirror
My swagga just screamin' muthafucka do you hear her (a)
Drizzy Drake 'what the lick read' (means: how are you doing)
We make magic boy, Roy and sidfreed
Young Mula Baby

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