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Grown Man

This song is by Lil Wayne, features Curren$y and appears on the album Tha Carter II (2005).

Dawg you gotta feel me on this one
What it be like dawg, I'm on some some adope grown up type shit
Look who I be around nigga, look who I been around nigga
Geezy, Juve and Turk, B and Slim dawg pay attention dawg

Age is nothin' but some digits nigga trust me on this
Cas I think I speak for every one when I say life is a bitch
I ride D L in the C L Gun right in my grip
I slip a clip in every whip, cas hatas likely to trip
Come home to my future wife and every night she'll flip
She end up catchin bites to her lips behind diapers and shit
But I light me a spliff drink henney without ice when I'm pissed
Go to the club and start a fight thinkin' I'm Tyson and shit
But I'm a man so I'm here to handle my situtions correctly
And I know I might be young but niggas gone definitely respect me
But in the mean time I'm fightin gun charges in court
And in a couple of weeks our next tour about to start
It's like I'm never happy now
Except for the fact my daughter sayin' I love you daddy now
And that kinda juice me up and I smoke about 3 blunts
And puff a Kool it boost me up
And say a prayer for everyday
Just so I get through the stuff but I be like

Ah man, it's complicated doin' everythang on your own man
Being responsible for everybody in ya home man
And when you feel like everythang is goin' wrong man
I'm gone stand 'cause I am a GROWN MAN

I try to keep my head up, but I die to keep my bread up
And usually I'm fed up thinkin' everythang's a set up
But I get up this shit, stick out my chest and clutch on my nuts
And I get hit up with all kinda stress
And put up wit the stuff trust me it's tough
But I mantain to climb through it all
And I still manage to be Lil Wayne therefore I shine and I ball
And dawg I live for today and hope and pray that there's a tomorrow
And I borrow confidence from out my heart when thangs get awfall
And I'm walkin' on the edge stuck without a solution
And someway I still pick it out and shuffle to conclusion
And I don't need nobody else so keep yo advice and jus doubt me
Cas y'all cats don't really no me y'all jus no 'bout me
So if my dawgs be on my side they keep me covered with spirit
And plus I know my fathers watchin and my mother's the dearest
And I ain't neva said they don't appreciate what I do
But jus know if I wasn't a man I wouldn't make it through

Who would have known that this was somthin that didn't turn out so hectic
But I chose my own life so I gradually accept it
I'm influenced and effected by the way it became
And I don't play with them at all so I don't say it's a game
And even though I grew up hard and I have gracefully change
I'm always street so I'll forever be facin a change
And I'll keep this thang brutained on the waist of my pants
And I demand respect from all if not then I'm waisten a man
And if I want it then I get and if I need it I have it
Take care of them family first 'cause the liquir and weed is a habit
And I'm so often I'm congratulated for the succeeding at last
But when they turn they back I just have Jesus leadin my path
And I didn't ask for you to like me I don't care if you hate me
But don't mistake me no otha man can neva make me or break me
And I'm faithfully inspired by the hood tell I'm gone
And dawg I do believe I'm grown
So I'll be good on my own but I be like

(Chorus) fading... Believe Dat

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