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Get Silly (Remix)

This song is by Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne:
Weezy F bitch, I'm tired of y'all hatin'
I know ya head hurtin', you Tylenol taking
Motherfuckers I'm a man, just ask ya ol' lady
Like a true gentleman, I'm after yo lady
I'm a massacre waitin' to happen fuck all this rappin' boy
I'll get the cap'n and leave you with holes like a napkin mane
He gon need a napkin, no a band-aid, no a damn grave
I am Rampage Jackson on a rampage step in my cage
Picture on my page, print it in a best book
Come up out my left pocket with a left hook
Mama said knock ya out, money made me block ya out
I got the game on lock, and I locked ya out
My jewelry singin' like a opera house
I bought that drop top 'Phantom of the Opera' out
Get silly that's stupid man
Never save a hoe she better ask Soulja Boy to superman
YOU can bet when I say Polo down from head to feet
Polo horses on my sheets, I get that from Pimp C
Tall cup of DJ Screw, sittin' on a pint of Big Moe
Sharper than a tac hoe, you can keep the tic toe
Yeah, red scarf on my neck
Red diamonds lookin' like red barf on my neck
Tell my 'B's, nigga 'SU WOOP'
'Cause I be with more 'B'(eans) s than JuJu
Big bro, I'm a big dog
And I don't mean fleas when I say I'm ticked off
Nigga I don't never scratch

And if she throw that pussy, big dog fetch
Paper soldiers on some sketch that shit
I'm a draw that pistol and make yo chest a tablet
You are just a tad bit and I'm a whole lot
Young Money motherfucker but the money so not

Gudda Gudda:
Sick with it hard body like Iron Mike
My flow is C4 I drop bombs like dynamite
Y'all niggas is sweet, yeah sweet like Mike 'N' Ikes
Bob Barker with the 'Vanna White' cause my 'Price is Right'
Hit the club nigga, then I leave with two dikes tonight
Let my niggas cut 'em up, then gon' get a slice tonight
Niggas peep my wrist game, they can see my ice is right
Blind everybody in this motherfucking spot tonight
Superman, blowing on a Swisher full of krptonite
Got the wolves with me, hear 'em holla in this bitch tonight
Niggas say they hard body but I can't tell
Nigga you can get your shit cracked like a crab shell
You want war with the boy so be it
We in all red like the fuckin' Soviet
Rush a bitch nigga if he talkin' crazy
Hit 'em in his left like have him walking crazy

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