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Fly In

This song is by Lil Wayne and appears on the album Tha Carter II (2005).

(Lil Wayne talking)
So they ask me young boy what you gonna do the second time around
How you gon come back I tried to told them
I come back like 32 I jump back like 33 (ugh)
Hit me it's nothin' this is Tha Carter II people
This is Tha Carter II people (hey)

They call me Mr. Carter I kissed the daughter
Of the deads forehead I killed the father
Spilled the heart of a mildew hater
I will put them body on chill like gla-ciers
Gracias I'm crazy yes it's obvious
Going against me is atheist
I got my angels on my shoulders and a quarter of that angel dust
I ain't sniffin I'm just pitchin ya honor I ain't snitchin ya honor
Hate bitch niggaz bitches with power
Vacate when the kitchen get hotter
I just sit on the counter open the cabinet close the cupboard
Put that jar in the skillet drop a 4 in the bubbles
I remember being young tryin' to hustle my dough
Tryin' to tell the old junkies that my crack ain't soap
Tryin' to tell you fool you chump that my mack ain't broke
You ain't tryin' to see how far that black backlane go
No call me pacman you ghosts is blue
I got my red river rubies and my oceans blue
Jewlery usually I'ma hooligan for the money
Yeah I'm eatin but I got a tapeworm in my tummy oh
Make harm in the bomb you in public
Hit you with the straight arm no warning nothin'
Look it's mornin no yawnin or nothin'
I ain't sleep and I'm up tryin' to take a nigga lunch
You gon make a nigga break a nigga fronts
Then shake a nigga shorts and we takin' what we want
I'm so 5-0-4 you got to kill me here
If you ever lookin' for me bitch I will be here
Cash Money is an army envy seal me here
Lot of niggaz ran from it but I'll still be here
No chrome on the continental I'm so fundamental
Crack the phill' crack the roof and roll up the window
And my hood love me they tell me bring it home
That's why I holla Hollygrove on each and every song
You leapin at a dog a dog wit no bark
Just a bite like an old shark
And all you rich niggas know Pa
I'm talkin' bout stunna
He like keep ya door he got ya whole winters
Sunshines on the king and sets on the prince
I met the birdman and I been shinin ever since like that (echo)

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