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Color Me Badd

This song is by Birdman.

Shawty Hi-yello shawty eyes brown shawty so gold 'n' so is my crown
Shawty toes red 'n' so is my flag purple in my bag 'n' shawty hair black so is that card that I got in my back pocket I go hard for my girl in fact I could take a fall from the world since the president black I went 'n' bought her black pearls like DAMN 'n' she don't wann she don't wanna let wayne go she just wanna wanna find lil wayne bone n I'm gon let her 'cause me 'n' her colors create art together Oh Ooh she don't wanna do it less we do it all night neva blue it would hurt my love don't it look gangsta tuxedo all black 'n' her dress all white Yeah 'n' my name is Weezy Baby n I'm Young Moolah Baby


Fly in a jag nigga play da teetag
Manison fulla cash gotta bitch wit some ass no dat she badd but she luv a niga swagg brought her to the cribb just so I could smash big dog wit big money billionaire lenz bugatti 8-1 twin cam benz frog light red beams of that I-10 hunnid birds 50 pounds from columbian she wanted iin so I brought her in chandelier bright lights wit a hunnid m'z I'm all in 20 in. shinin like a diamond yeah we ballin


Hold right deer from da blu coast my colors r pepsi I exist on both coast in the LB sneaker color of burnt toast wear my gucci NEwear specially where they burn toast smell the gun smoke nah that's just my wardrobe (JAmaican gibbersih) diamond in her earlobe international platinum shop around the damn globe neva wear open toes save dat for ~RAINBOWS~ Eh eh AYY custom cut linens on out shine my religion wut herb you spendin on Niam Bryants everything diamonds in the socks wit a patent leather clarks wit hundrids rnt cocked Literally sup colo boxes like fed-ex no body could beat or touch my style like red-x miss clayborne already know who the boss is just ask kavali who go to a class wit

Color me badd (11x)

Its hunt dey say you gotta have a ear for this music thing (clik clak ping) but I gotta eye for the women 'n' wat dey wearin

U gotta luv it goddamn you gotta luv it all dat ass in dem jeans fit dey rock-N-republic side to side see dat ass rockin' in public rocksatr spend a stack 'n' let you rokk it iss nuffin lil mama got good taste all right no salt chip 'n' pepper makes it taste so nice dominican head-dress watch her set her tek way she makin' all dem moves ill have her set for life UH baby girl Hunt stacks his cash n I know were you live abby saks fifth ave. RIGHT? HAHAA even the shoes cost cheese that's the I love U's nd the you love Me's BARNEY'S

(Wes fif)

All I do is stay fresh yeah I do do dat air forces same color as a Soowoo rag SOOWOO (WES FIF) who me I'm da Mufukin street controler new Vee same color as a WII Controler n u know I kep da strap 'n' da tru I'm from da ol my favrit HUe is Magic Blu yeah hataz I'm laughin' at you 'cause ya face da same color wen I'm passin through nigga (Yeah) my county is orange my strap is black my flags da same my donk's da same color as flame iss no secret I used to serve out my residence leather seats same complexion as my President eva since I jumped in I win I'm eatin good ervynite but still I'm thin I'm wit yola 'n' Paris at da hilton countin' sevral diamonds da same color as paris hilton hair shit


Trae da truf nigga

Fresh out da trap on my super potent 20 inch. dope money I'm wrist say I'm hoodrich king a da streets so da hood say I'm good bitch posted wit baby 'n' nina rich he on some hood shit we in da new challenger coupe dass da same color as snoop converse 'n' alligator skins 'n' retractable roof on my barack obama shit diamonds platinum 'n' onyx wit shawty bangin' da thigh she in red menola blonyx let deez 87's sag from da weight of my cash 'n' deez horses dat was cut fresh off a pony's ass she love da chanel's color of drank in a glass ne thing next to paper thin she toss in da trash I'm still a gangsta from da hood bitch you neva could miss keep da motion water stones on da tip of my fist I'm known to floss canary diamonds mo yella den piss da type a shi dat got dis pipe ova through water kiss

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