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Call Of Duty

This song is by Lil Wayne.

Attention! bow! face!
Hold up! I think she about blow up my bass.
Military official, top rank.
Check my credentials like a bank.
We safe & I don't care if the enemy in the way.
Ignore what the captain gotta say.
Ignore the sergeant, leiutenant, or the genera-
L, until her fox hole out fail.
L, I got cha. now baby girl gettin' me.
Why I survive? baby girl with me.
The war will be over real soon.
As soon as I drop my grenade in your platoon.
Kabloom! can I park my tank in your room?
Cause you love it when it go boom.
Bang! bang! purple heart gang.
And baby ye' ain't even gotta train.

Why they bother? it me and you against the world.

Boom boom, bang bang. hmmhmh.
Yeah, & strap up and go on me.
Come be my soldier girl.
You on't even haveta train.
No! unh uh, hmm.
Cause you see yo touch is so deli-
Cate and your love is the war.
Blow my mind anytime.
Ah! ah!
I say your touch is so delicate.
And your love is the war.
I won't survive! baby, just die!
And leave this place, girl. (war!)
And I been watchin' on you, bout to feel your love. (war!)
And I just stepped on your land mine and it just blew me off. (war!)
And you can come and join my troopie, mama and recruit;
And strap yo oozi and go to... (wwaaarrrr!)

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