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This song is by Lil Wayne and appears on the mixtape Young Money Millionaire 5 (2009).

Hehe But I neva take a break
I neva take a break till I see heaven on the gates
I stick that metal in your face
And now they call you chrome face
Fuck with me better bring your lunch cause it gonna be a long day
Fuck what you heard like my dick against your eardrum
Swagger so sharp weezy where you get the spear from
I can make you the son your momma neva hear from
Let the tough talk walk and watch how your fear run
Yeah, and fuck the world is my assignment
And I promise your gonna be feel me like blind men
Roll or roll over like front wheel alignment
Tell them little rappers don't come near the giant
UGH... now I'm smell'n myself
Flow sicker than shit where the hell is my health
Start'n to feel like Mac Avelly myself
Watch I put that mothafucken Mac 11 to your scalp
Yes my Maybach I swear the bitch a donkey
Had to get the long body cause the chauffeur didn't want me
Mothafucka I'm ill. Hold me still
Greedy, that's why my first week I got a meal
Its Young Money, open the bar
If you don't know who we is
I bet they know who we are
No Kelly just NO and LA
Come to fuck shit up like broke Levys
Gotta California bitch I swear she a medic
Cause every time she give me head
It just get rid of my headache

Pull up and shoot like JJ Reddick
Put on my boot I think I'm ready
Which one of you niggas? One of you get it
Keep your head up or your beheaded. Uh-Oh
Fearless is my middle name my heart pump nitrogen
And I breath fire better stand by a hydrogen
Dufflebag big enough to fit the rifle in
I cut your ass short, call me hyphen bitch
Hehe yes I'm focused on the figures fresh
Stay cool, but smokin' like a cigarette
It's the President, sittin' behind a bigger desk
Secretary with bigger breasts
Handing me bigger checks
I'm going at these niggas necks
Which one of you niggas next?
I put a bullet in your mothafuckin intallect haha
Call me Coo-cooness Carter
Or WFB and that's for Wells Fargo... Bank
Can think I'm on the drank and the dank
Make my mind go blank
And the drugs tryin' to hit me with everything but sane
But I won't sing
I can't
I ain't
Its Breaktime

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