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Thugged Out

This song is by Lil Boosie and appears on the album Incarcerated (2010).

Niggas,.If you thugged out nigga. put your mother fuckin' hoods in the air.
Boosie bad ass, foxx nigga
How you livin'... I'm thugged out
How you livin'... I'm thugged out
How you livin'... I'm thugged out
How you livin'... I'm thugged out
All day... everyday
All day... everyday
All day... everyday
All day... I'm thugged out
(Repeat twice)

I wake up in the morning in my gangster as bed.
Brush my gangster ass teeth.
Brush my gangster ass head.
Call my gangster ass bitch
Get some gangster ass head
Put my gangster ass dick between her gangster ass legs.
I'm a G.A.N.G-STA
You already know
Been thuggin' since I left Hurricane Long in 84
I know nigga bout that murda, murda
Bustin' that ozi, ant gone let me live, they been paid they gotta do it,
On that fluid I'm ridiculous
I'm throwed off
Ant got it all
My friends become my enemies
I use to be on medication but that ant no remedy
Two guns black on semedy
I talk you hear Jimeney
That mean crickets
The hood listen when I talk
And when I talk, the hood listen
Feel what I'm spittin'?
My daddy daddy thugged hard

So what you think gone be the future for my little boys?
No body gaurds

Mane, I'm thuggin' all day everyday,
All my hoes fade away
All my niggas toatin Ks
Smokin' on that purple haze
Same click since ???
Stompin in my levis
Grind hard, shine hard, look at me you see why
I'm so fly, my 45 knock buttons off your shirt
Grab money all day, I ant fuckin' wit that work
I like big money,
Small money,
My money,
Yo money,
Short money,
Tall money,
From now on just call me MONEY!
I'm on the grind you should see this shit,
They in a single file line tryin' to eat my dick,
We thug Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Weekends I'm gone every show I bump 30
So twirk,. shake it for the camera
Pistol with the hammer same shape as lousianna
I grab ya up in broad day nigga
Fuck what cha say nigga,
Its kill or be killed round my way nigga

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