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So Sexy (Freestyle)

This song is by Lil Boosie and appears on the album Trill Azz Mixes Vol.2 (2004).

When I step off in the club niggas give me daps and hugs hoes winking they eye I
Know one thing now they wanna fuck. I'm looking like Que been smoking everybody
Know Boo be choking so allI'm askin can I bust that pussy wide open can't you tell
She caramel with a smile that a make you precum a dime piece who'll jump on that
Dick and make that beat run she's so wet so wet she make you wet so wet its
Sloppy sex so wet.Shaking when she cumming look at this women kissing me on
My chest I'm tryin' to stick it in her stomach.look lay down let me suck dem tittes
Caress them pretty bitches and shove it and show you then (yeah) that I'm the
Sickest and she so special (so special) the head up on her body make you jump up
Off the dresser (ain't playin' I love that head) stop playin' girl gimme that cat fore you
Neva get a phone call turn on some Keith Sweat and let me take yo thong off

I want sex I ain't tryin' to be mean tryin' to
Get up in dem jeans girl I want sex (I'ma be real I'm tryin' to fuck summin)

Turn around girl from behind let me see what mama gave ya let me show you tricks
That I learned up on the beach up in Jamacia fuck dem hatas (fuck dem hatas) can
You get away for a day or two so I can show you how a playa do everybody gone
Be hating you with living lavish through the week Gucci dresses on your fingers you
Got carats let a nigga have it and beat that pussy let a nigga teach that pussy have
That pussy far from rookie look and she so wet the bed sockin wet my head sockin
Wet I'm pourin down sweat.Straight to the shower for a hour were I take my break.
I'm santa clause and she finna ride my fuckin' slay now turn it round and bend it back
And let me put it in that catta when I hit holla hatta.

I want sex I ain't tryin' to be mean tryin' to
Get up in dem jeans girl I want sex (I'ma be real I'm tryin' to fuck summin) so wet
She got you wet so wet sloppy sex.

Now she den gave me that pussy I think I'm pussy wopped come home from
Studio sessions she gotta meal cook.Rubbin my chest combin my hair smellin like
Red roses (red roses) she say the shit that left my spirits have a thug focus then
She baby bath my water witha lil alcohol then she go and get a movie we don't
Watch it all she's so wet I feel her cumming down I love the way she sound she a
Thug now.

That's all I was askin you know what I'm sayin' just gimme that pussy I mean we
Gone do it later on anyway on top of that that gone make me really show you love I
Mean I ain't tryin' to be no dog or nothing I ain't tryin' to do you wrong I wanna fuck u
Know so wet she make you wet so wet its sloppy sex so wet the bed wet my
Fucking head wet oww so wet she make you wet

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