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Materialistic Bitch

This song is by Lil Boosie.

It's all because of this whip
It's all because of these clothes
You's a materilalistic bitch (I tried to tell ya)
You's a materialistic hoe (yeah)
A it's all because of that cash
It's all because of that dough
You's a materialistic bitch (I tried to tell ya)
You's a materialistic hoe (yeah)

Got nothin' but dick
I'm jus a squirrel tryna catch a nut
Trickin dollars on sluts
I never heard of such
Hoes be trippin'
Thinkin' I'm finna spend sum money
But I'm a player
Got it from ms. sandra and donnie
Beezy a soldier
24/7 on the street
So ain't no fallin'
We fa a muthafuckin freak
Say I was strugglin
Wasnt nobody on side but u
Would you be down to ride for me
Like I'll ride for u
Oh us a gold digger
I remember when I was broke ain't never had a bitch like you before
My game was strong but not that muhf**kin strong
Till that bread got long
(?) Hittin my phone
So once again its on
And they know this
That's why they jockin
Tryna be my old lady
So they could break my pockets
But bitch you got my fucked up
I drop my nuts on the top of yo head
We could never ever be together
And plus I'm knowin' that


It's all because of my money
It's all because of dem hundreds
It's all because of my grill
It's all because of this deal
Dem hoes be all on my watch
Dem hoes be all on my jock
I think they all gold diggers
Finna be soon straight flippers
Fuck me you fuck wit my click (3 deep)
Best believe
And it ain't gon quit (not wit me)
Slutastic dog ass bitch
Without this guh you wouldn't b shit
Walk around wit cha stupid ass
U deserve a straight kick in ya ass
Matter fact you can pack yo bags
Like webbie I don't want yo ass no mo 'cause

These dog ass hoes
Chapped ass hoes
I'm bout 2 picket bout these ratchet ass hoes
Neisha, lisa and theresa
Shell even fucked keisha
Dog I hit jalisa in the bac of the fuckin' bleachers
I guess that's my way of showin my ass to my teachers
Better find ya baby daddy
Bitch I can't feed ya
U see this new whip and this big grip and now you cheesed up
Phat these hoes be down bad
Goin' all kinda crosses and makin' a nigga mad
Worryin 'bout the next bitch
U gon on that x bitch
She suck dick
For sum pills and a new outfit
I get the pussy then I'm out bitch
And I guess that's y them dog ass hoes call me that out dick
Holla at me when I'm out bitch
Make a pimp rich
Hit the strip while big daddy count chips

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