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This song is by Lil Boosie.

We Talkin' Bout Devils[x4]

Verse 1:
Mane it's Payback
For All Da Months Dat I Layed Back
For All Da Blunts Dat Had Me Lazy And Crazy
It's Drama Time[Time]
I'm Gettin' Ten For A Show[Lets Go]
Album Aint Even Dropped
When it's Dropped I'm Gettin' Mo
Wish I Can Go Down Every Street[Every Street]
But Da f---n' Narcotics Say I Got Death On Me
Niggas They Try To Rebel Me[Shiid]
But it's Motivation
Ima Keep Gettin' Money
Gon' Soulja Hate Me
Da Judge Looked At Me
And Said How You Doin' Boosie
He Called Me By My Nickname[Ooooh]
What You Think I'm Stupid[b---h]
You Wanna Railroad A n--a[Believe Dat]
And Lose Me In The System
But Like C-Murder And Mack
I Refuse To Be A Victim n--a

Devils Get Up Off Me[x8]
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Verse 2:
Look, Look
See Where I'm From n--a it's Do Or Die[Die]
N--a Tell You He Gone Kill You
You Gone Shoot Or Die
Dem Devils Got Dem Youngters Wildin' Out At Twelve Nah[Twelve Nah]
And Hollin' Mutha f-k Jail Dey Goin' To Hell Nah[f--k Hell]
See I'm From Baton Rouge
Better Known As Rattin' Rouge[Rattin' Rouge]
Da Police Know Yo a-s Dirty 'Fore You Even Do It
I'm So Gutta, So Gangsta, So In Da Streets[What Else?]
I'm So Freaky, So Nasty, So In Da Sheets[Believe Dat]
My Cousin Life, Da Grandpa Wife
And Niggas Mad? [f--k]
Da Judge Aint Nothin' But The Devil
Him And The Jury
I Seen A n--a Die In Front Of Me
Eyes Rolled Back
They Threw Da Choppa
Like Hold Dat

Devils Get Up Off Me[x8]

Verse 3:
Can't Even Ride And Get High
Cuz Them Devils Out
They Catch Me On A Back Street
They Gone Knock Me Off
Yea I'm Talkin' Bout The Law
Yall Sum f---n' Devils
Up In School You Got Blues
Now Ya Bout Wateva
Hoes Tryna Get Money
Tryna Sell Dat Cat
Devil Get Yo a-s Away
Iont Pay For Dat
Don't He Get Ya At The Wrong Place
At The Wrong Time
Now You Gone For A Very Long Time[Damn]
You Hit The Pin
And You Heard Tha f---n' Door Slam
He Was Ya Shoes, Ya Zoos, And Ya Wam Wam
He Was Wit You In Them Times When You Aint Give A Damn
He Was That Liquor In Ya Hand
Sayin' Kill Me Man
He That Lil' n--a Cross Town
Hatin' On Ya Hard
But He Aint Ready To Go To War
Dats Dat f---n' Devil
Devil Get Up Off Me
Devil Get Up Off Me
Devilllll Get Up Off Me

Devils Get Up Off Me[x8]

We Talkin' Bout Devils[x6]

Be On Da Look Out n--a
Dey Got Devils Out Chea
Believe Dat
Boosie Bad Azz
It don't Get No Realer Den This n--a
I'm Da Only One Drop s-t Like This

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