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I Know

This song is by Lil Boosie.

Say mel and t mayne
I'm a make a nigga feel on this

Top and bottom never walk in my neighborhood
(South baton rouge)
The candy lady out of business 'cause they take her goods
Play with me it's guaranteed, ooh, I'm a lay ya down
Gotta watch my back across my tracks god know I know these clowns

God know I know
I feel like can't nobody fuck with me
God got my back so
Lil boosie keep his mind at ease
And god know I know
That somebody gon hate on me
But god know I'm thug so
U know lil boosie go and get skeet

Now god know my situation, he know what I be facin
He know I'm so impatient when it come to money makin'
From school, to the blocks, from the tool, to the rocks
For the lil nigga with that glock ridin' aroun d in somethin' hot
Now it's bout time we hit our knees and tell god truth
Can't stop the way we livin' just help us make it through
When I die take me through, up to heaven up with you
Gotta holla at my daddy and my nigga griles to
And god know
And god know I'm thug life, u fuckin' right
So if nigga play with me of the op I gotta get him right
And god got my back so, when I act wow
I'm comin' home safely through the back do
The murder rate is sky high, nigga holla ride or die
These youngin sling that iron it ain't no mo takin' pride
So put yo fist up in yo pockets and them bullets in the chamber
Cause niggas slingin iron like the lone ranger
Mayne it's murder murder kill kill on the corner where the marijuana followed by the bill
Some niggas cut by delja, some niggas cut by chill, some niggas eat them delpids and some niggas eat them pills
Gotta get it how I live in the southside
I'm thuggin' with my cow hide
I'm fresh when I come outside
You talk shit got hog tied
God know I know these niggas
Don't make me show these niggas
Pray for these niggas keep me away from these niggas
And I

God know all the killas
He done walked with all them niggas
He done talked with all them niggas
Before they went sparked them trigger
He ain't tear ya up in church, but god pretty eyes done covered up some dirt
Plus he kept a thug alert
For these bitch ass niggas, these haters these rapists
These niggas in the swamp swear to god they alligators
Me an my niggas paper chasers (shit) we ain't stuntin
We do wat we gotta do, to get that money
And god know my past
I'm itchin to kill, gimme a reason I will
I'll end up grippin a steal
And god know my temper
My temper like a bubble
You bust it you in trouble
Only god know, it's hard yo, I'll lay up in ya yard wow
I'll camouflage myself with my camouflage cargo
The street ain't promised to us niggas in that dirty south
Thas why I'm ridin' with that nine I'm tryin' make it out
And it's hard to live, I'm a community where ain't no fuckin' unity
They always say I'm dead they try to ruin me
So boosie be on other shit
Like jew-el-r-is and poppin' chris
And mac on u a model bitch
Had a hoe that swallow dick
Since 12 I saw alot of shit god know I know
Witness a man get straight sprayed right in front of the store
So I get a blunt and I roll it, hit the block actin' a donkey
Killin' my own people, servin' my own uncles
And I

Our father who art in heaven
Hollow be thy name
Thou kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

But we stay reppin
But we stay they got beasts up in my section
I was raised bysome thugs, got rich off the d
80 grams took my nigga, I'm missin' ya petey
God know I need to send my niggas some pictures this
And som change to keep nigga fresj kicks on his feet
And god know he raised me
When donkey went jonsin
Bronson kept me wide open
And that's a fact
But I know they gon hate tho
'Cause I got blocks and raps and blocks of work so you can call me lego
It's consequences, jumpin' fences
Cause the narcs tryin' lynch us and they missin' us by inches
The judge the one who sentence make a nigga out a menace
Commisary low so we take a nigga tennis
A black eye is just like a scratch where I was raised
Niggas handle they business if they ever felt played
The beasts is crooked, the preacher crooked
Saw my teacher at the strip club, damn, the teachers crooked

Now if don't nobody now
God know
Nigga u a hood rat
God know
A nigga try to bring you down
He right on side u
God know
Nigga tryin' steal yo girl you had fears
God know

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