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Clips Add Choppers

This song is by Lil Boosie.

Choppa city in my neighborhood (south baton rouge NIGGA WHAT!)

4's Up N 4's Down
Long Clips and choppaz, in dis hood whea dey don't give a damn... from the top tah da bottom...

(Lil boosie- Verse 1) its choppa city in da ghetto, yeah we on dat level... flippin and turnin' I hop you niggaz bout wateva, 50 ah 100 mane we'll send ya tah da devil, I work dis bitch like donkey or last level, every block gotta choppa or two tah clear da whole section, don't give a fuck when its time to bust from the top tah da bottom dey on give a fuck, nigga get dem choppaz out da closet and come and hit cha up extended clips rip a whole in yo fuckin' stomachm when da war over with that's when they really comin', so I take my fuckin' money and I buy 'em all, 'cause my niggas b in beef summa, winter, spring, and fall, its iraq in da hood, ain't really no stacks in da hood... they puttin' choppaz in ya face up in south baton rouge, cut the barrel make it short, dats that track shit catch ya at da red light... smashin!

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