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2 Hatin Bitches Skit

This song is by Lil' Kim and appears on the Mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T. (2008).

Here we go lil kim greatest of all time
Bitch please she ain't even that good
(Oh) she been around for a min and
She been doin' it what like 10 years (yeah) but
10 years to long you right fuck that bitch
Fuck that bitch oh she ain't even that good
I used to school with her sha ain't even rap
Don't take nothing but alook before I takes a whoopin
To that bitches ass she even look at me funny i
Smacks fire out that bitch word she be goin' to lolo
For hair styles and I'm sain if you wanna jack that i

Should jack that bitch she be rockin' all that loius
Vutton and d&g she be poppin' bottles in the club yo
U know what we gone jack that bitch for real girl
U got a red dot on your forehead girl stop playin' that's
Lipstick na I'm serous you really have a big read movin dot
On your forehead bitch you ata talk you got a big red movin
Dot on your lip whateva wateva (head shoots)

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