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Whut Up Now

This song is by Lil' Flip and Z-Ro and appears on the album Kings of the South (2005).

(Feat. Will-Lean)

1,2, there's that nigga house right there 3
You see that nigga 4 (machine gun shooting)
Yeah Oh!

I ride on my enemies-I ride on my enemies
It's time to ride on my enemies

I ride on my enemies-I ride on my enemies
It's time to ride on my enemies
Be outside ya crib nigga

(Verse 1: Lil'Flip)
Whut Up Now nigga I heard you was yappin ya jaws
So you know we ain't fuckin' with y'all
So how you wanna do it 'cause I'm ready for war
I'm like Steven Segal I'm above the law
Uh this ole pussy ass nigga tryed to rob my connect
Now my hood fucked up 'cause we all in debt
I had a load comin' in at a quater till 9
I put my bitch on a train 'cause she tired of flyin
I caught this nigga at the crib with his wife and shit
She blind till the fact she don't know the life he live
Stick up kids die fast in this live of crime
Everybody got rights so I'm a fight for mine
I got the right to pack a gun with my beam and shit
So don't ever ever disrespect my team and shit
And I don't care about how much coke you move
'Cause I know you flip alittle but you smoke it too
And when you go against me you suppose to lose
When we erase you ya wife, and kids suppose to move
Bang bang motherfucker when I hit ya block
Runnin' full corpress wet or without the rock bitch

(Hook: Will-Lean)
Whuts Up Now nigga I heard you wanna squash the beef
Whuts Up Now nigga it's too late I'm off the leash
So how you wanna do it, get prepared and grab ya vest
'Cause when I dump the pump slugs crash ya chest

(Verse 2: Will-Lean)
I'm a killer by all means I'm packin clips
With arterillary that'll make you do a backwards flip
Catch you on the strip-PLOW crack ya whip
Slangin that death plus I gave the mac to flip
Now let's go and show e'm how we handle the beef
Takin' off Botany Boys and I'll dismantle ya street
Motorized stash box in the panel on the jeep
This not the Appolo nigga amateur week
You say got wieght but never touched a ki
You say you ran a block but never touched the streets
I'm a nightmare I'll fuck you up in your sleep
Bad dreams of empty things bust the rap and repeat

(Hook: Z Ro)
Whut Up Now nigga I heard y'all was talkin' down on my name
Talkin' down on my name-talkin' down on my name
Whut Up Now nigga bitch I'm comin' to see you simple and plain
To see you simple and plain-I'm comin' to bust ya brain
Whut Up Now nigga y'all don't wanna see me with this tommy gun
If I shoot it y'all gotta run that bullet proof want stop it none
Y'all don't wanna see me with this tommy gun
If I shoot it y'all gotta run that bullet proof want stop it none

(Verse 3: Z Ro)
If somebody gotta problem with me come and address it
If the shoe fits it then walk in it I'm talkin' to Texas
See I'm from a section where we kill each other for practice
So I keep the AJ-AK right under my matress
Don't let the gold and the diamonds fool you
I promise it's nothin' for ya family to lose you
I run with my Asshole By Nature niggaz Trae and Lil Boss
Look I just got the word from niggaz that Austin dropped in the south
We don't even much know these niggaz they just dissin us for publicity
But we gonna give e'm a beat down when we catch up with e'm eventually
Whut Up Now nigga you was tryna get my attention now you got it
Now the real guerrillas on the way to you and you can't do nothin' about it
I gotta lot of problems but a beef ain't one
'Cause I been known to pay niggaz back what I owed e'm with my guns
And I always got e'm with me bitch you better get ya weapon

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