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Art Of War

This song is by Lil' Flip and Z-Ro and appears on the album Kings of the South (2005).

(Chorus x2: Lil' Flip)
You know my niggaz ridin', I hope you niggaz hidin
You know my niggaz ridin', I hope you niggaz hidin
You know my niggaz ridin', I hope you niggaz hidin
'Cause it's the Art of War, when I cruisin lyin'
(Wooh, Wooh, Wooh)

(Lil' Flip: Verse 1)
You see the pain in my eyez
Bitch I ain't never scared
Lightin the flame I'm smokin' my chain anywhere
A lot of niggaz tryin' go against gangaz come
Every since March 27 I ain't forget to bring my gun
I took one and I ain't tryin' to take no more
So before, get at me I'ma get you hoe
I keep a lot of dough I'm livin' like the Godfather
And I just bought three carrots for my Goddaughter
Christain get over my chicks, this rappin' shit made me rich
I smell like curv when I pitch
Nigga you get it homie
I be a orange mouth
Drinkin' yellow drank nigga
I might be with Qute, Puff and Green gank nigga
You know we get each other
Like the Get It Boyz
Any rapper step to me he will get destroyed
'Cause I'm the Marvin day of my time
And if you so hot why your video ain't retired bitch

(Lil' Flip: Verse 2)
Me and Z-Ro the kings
You better do your math
And this shit I'm spittin' bitch
I ain't use a pad
I might bruise you bad
Just to mo your ass
Come down to Texas, and I bet the crowd boo yo' ass
A lenny got you gas nigga you ain't hotter then Twista
Jet on make you a gangsta, and neither do a pistol
Hood beef, is hood beef
We supposed to keep it in the hood
This nigga ain't from Houston Texas why y'all make him look good
I can tell he ain't real
'Cause when the cameras come on
He got to put his grill in and pat his makeup on, huh
No hummers we got four four
Four hummers sittin' on no mo
In the lab me and Toad down state blowin' dro
We ride around in dem drops
Sixteen switches it hot
Now stop, I know your lookin' at my watch (Wooh)
Now it's time for me to end this verse
Because I'm tired nigga since I'm the Boston your fired nigga

(Z-Ro: Verse 3)
Y'all know my niggaz ridin'
On the front line none of my niggaz are hidin
Glidin, on twenty two inches when I'm ridin'
Custom made jewelry from Johnny got me ride
Hold up my nigga you don't want to go up
That's what mo city militia only goes up
From my body step again my name yells up
Yell me yell up won't fuck up
See me rollin' around on my big ass rims
Bake any top blue jeans come back around ten
Cream does its scenes big gunz another dem bitch hard dease don't want none of dem
Non about stick the game hood came me
Fuck about a nigga where a Sucka can't free
Remad of y'all of y'all is what you fellas can't be that block is the D.J. of E.A.D.
D.J. is in tha topic barber shop like a fan talkin' about me hard to stop
I'm a real nigga and plus I like to squart a lot
Man niggaz heard me talk on the ben talk a lot
You gon fuck as a nigga when I Squart or not
Payin' job is runnin' or a twelve a shot
When a bitch is gonna pay me he better pay me
'Cause when I better call or not or I'ma cause a lot
I'ma punch every body in yo' block right now
Bitch nigga try to make it get out my sight right now
I'ma be quite or wit a white light right now
Oh you think you got hands we can fight right now
It's the king of the ghetto and dem Clover G's
Late night in the studio blowin' trees
I'ma bout to jump in the big whole and let the girls sick him and then they find yo' ass
We gon seal the seas

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