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Last Dayz

This song is by Lil' Flip and Young Noble and appears on the album All Eyez On Us (2008).

(Lil' Flip-Talking)
Gyeah, this what you wanna hear right
This what it's about
Stop lyin' in the streets man
You ain't doin' what you puttin' on them records nigga
I know yo past nigga, so you can miss me with that bullshit
I'm a gangsta this, I'm a shoot that
I'm a pop this, I'm a stab him
You ain't gon do shit, you ain't gon do shit
'Cause you'se a bitch

(Verse 1: Lil' Flip)
Look many people wanna know what I been through
A whole bunch of bullshit but I continue
To make great music, I make that good music
You do commercial music, I do that hood music
Remember 'Game Over'I hit the punchlines
Remember 'Sunshine'three hundred thousand times
That's how many spins I got-and I got a plaque
I got a Bentley Coupe nigga on top of that
The Rolex still in my fuckin'safe nigga
You a kid to me so I put you in yo place nigga
I been around the rap game for like 12 years
I'm drinkin' Cristal, you barely drinkin' 12 beers
I'm smokin' weed my nigga, I gotta grow mine
These niggas shoot slugs at me, I gotta throw mine
You can diss me nigga I'm a come and see ya
When them hollow tips hit ya, I wouldn't wanna be ya

(Chorus: Lil' Flip)
The streets don't lie, so quit thinkin' the beef gon'die
I need atleast five blunts for me to get high
Fuck the cops, I'm a ride
So tell my enemies them niggas better hide-I gotta forty five
(Buh-Buh) I put you in the grave nigga
(Buh-Buh) you better behave nigga
(Buh-Buh) I put you in the grave
'Cause we livin' our last dayz

(Verse 2: Young Noble)
I spitt that ol'thug spirtual nigga
Like you live through this, they gon label you a miracle nigga
This sort of like a Panther party
One nation of thugs comin' together not to dance and party
Livin' nations in the game-Outlawz a known threat
Ain't never had a deal, and we still ain't broke yet
First things, first man-you fuckin' with the worse
If you scared get a dog-or take yo ass to church
Uh Wa-da-da-dang, wa-da-da-da-dang, we Outlaw military, Makaveli trained
Them little homies slang, and the big homies bang
I shine through my rhymes fuck a car and a chain
Remain the thug's blue print
They'd rather cop some old Outlaw 'Pac shit, then most of y'all new shit
Remind you bastards-nothin' but them timeless classics
Learn about us in them college classes

(Chorus: Lil' Flip)

(Verse 3: Lil' Flip)
Ay my partnas in the hood I can't let e'm starve
I fuck with Keak The Sneak, I fuck with Messy Marv
I fuck with San Quin, I pack a Mac-10
These niggas never seen a black Maybach Benz
I was the first rapper to ever have one
I seen a diamond chain I had to grab one
Then Nelly got one, then niggas followed soon
That's when I told Johnny make my piece all blue

(Verse 4: Young Noble)
Look mean what you say or don't say shit
I fuck with Scarface, I fuck with J-Prince
I fuck with my nigga Trae, the whole A-B-N
Big House and Sac, Real Talk Entertainment
The streets don't lie-niggas is gon'die
Nigga I'm on fire, niggas is gon'ride
Yeah it's Outlaw for life
We ain't doin' what y'all doin-we doin' it right

(Chorus: Till End)

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