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Givin It Back

This song is by Lil' Flip and Young Noble and appears on the album All Eyez On Us (2008).

(Talking: Young Noble)
Yeah it's ya comrad Young Noble-the last Outlaw
Sendin some thug love to all my thug niggas, coast to coast
Man you know what I mean, Outlaw for life

(Chorus x2: Young Noble)
I got love from the game so I'm givin' it back
I got love from the streets so I'm givin' it back
I got love from the hood so I'm givin' it back
You ain't real if you ain't feelin' that

(Verse 1: Young Noble)
I don't sell dreams, my sixteens inspire a nation
One love, one thug to my whole congragation
I got love and nothin' but respect from the game
Noble ain't just a name it's the way I play to gain
Man I owe it all to the hood
I'd let every convicted drug dealer free if I could
In the words of Bob Marley homie we all hustlin homie
We all strugglin, focused on bubblin
I spitt straight substance real niggas relate to it
Ghetto gospel, apostal this is great music
Timeless classics, the grind is immaculate
I spitt rhymes accurate, I shine 'cause I mastered this
Shit it's a Outlaw culture, it's more then just music
Homie it's a movement, I show you how to do this with honor and pride
Since 'Pac was alive, told you niggas I'm a survive

(Chorus x2: Young Noble)

(Verse 2: Young Noble)
Rest in peace B.I.G., Big Pun, and Eazy E
Makaveli the Don, and Prince Kadafi
Stack Bundles, Lisa Lopez, Aaliyah, and Mac Dre
Big Moe, DJ Screw, J-M-J
Big Stretch, Mossberg, Big L, and Al G
Neco Storm, Flen Dust, and Butta Bean
My baby mother can't sleep-she be worried when I'm gone
One day you here then the next day you gone like Camoflauge
Freaky Tay, Skylar Rock, Trouble T.Roy
I'm livin' like seagram I'm sleepin' with my nights on
Like Gangsta Earm homie and Soulja Slim did
I'm tryna live kidd you should know how real it is

(Chorus: Till End)

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