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What's My Name

This song is by Lil' Flip and appears on the album U Gotta Feel Me (2004).

(They call him little flip) whos the 1 had y'all leanin 2 the left?
(They call him little flip) who got the hottest rap album on the shelf?
(They call him little flip) who went platinum wit 1 video?
(They call him little flip) who smokin' dro in every state he go?
(They call him little flip) who made the world say I can do that?
(They call him little flip) I'm ridin' spinners on my caddilac
(They call him little flip) who got every body wearin yellow diamonds?
(They call him little flip) I ain't baby but you no I'm big tymin

Man grass green, rifin in the red jeep doin' 150 niggaaa
Bitch you can't catch me you gone respect me, my glock 9 protect me
I'm the 1 on how I'm livin' wit dat candy jetski, elevators in my crib
Burberry in my car, I drove by the the bar, rubber on the tar 'cause I like 2 show off, I usta b the class clown, but the teacher always said "flip sit yo ass down or you can leave the class now" so I left and got paid, but don't get it twisted I made strait a's, but skool didn't pay so I started
2 rap, 'cause I wana ride rims I don't want no hub caps, so I picked up my pen
But I rele don't need it, if I ain't in that magazine then I rele wont read it
I can't be defeated 'cause I'm workin 2 hard " o my gosh that boys rims still
Spinnin on his car

I get respect on the east I get respect on the west, I got plenty jewels on my neck 22's on my lex, I'm 22 years old wit 22 bad hoes 'cause real playas get
Choseif you don't no now you no, u no I got crazy flo, n I make crazy doe, 'cause wen evr I'm shoppin' I make 'em close down the sto, u no we ballin 4 real nigga I'm tellin' the truth if I evr go broke sorry I'm selln the clothes, but that ain't gone happen 'cause I'm gone keep on rappin' 'n' if I keep on grindin imma keep goin' platinum sum people think I'm cappin but I'm jus livin' my life
'Cause I married the streets dog and that's my wife

Yo that me and everything got a fee, I should be payin' rent 'cause I live on B.E.T.(they call him little flip) yup that's my otha nickname (dayum) das my otha big chain (they call him little flip) I'm in the hummer you ain't redy 4 my whip games, rims so big my adapters wont fit man, look at my kicks man,
All of 'em custom, I gotta make it 'cause I can't go back 2 hustlin, I'm focust man, with no distraction, I'm multiplyin money nigga no subtraction I'm jus relaxin and livin' it up niggaaa, u ain't no pimp so give me dat cup

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