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The Biz

This song is by Lil' Flip and appears on the album The Leprechaun (2000).

(Lil' Flip talkin')
Ay this is for everybody
That wanna get in the rap game
This is for everybody
That think you just get in the rap game
And blow up over night
This is for everybody that think
Its easy to be on TV in front of limo's
And buy rolex's ha its better known
As bleed and suck look

(Verse One: Flip)
I started rappin' when I was about thirteen
I was into basketball not this hip hop thing
I started doin' talent shows I was bein curious
But I didn't know one day I would be serious
I use to always freestyle until the end of the beat
And I use to take my demo's to the end of my street
To another local rapper I thought could help
But in this rap game people all about theyself,
So that made me work harder I picked up my pin
All though I kinda felt bad I picked up my chin
I made my own rap group Hustlaz Stackin Endz
And I can't wait for me and Hump to drive a platinum benz

It's the biz
(Where anything can happen)
It's the biz
(Everybody and they mama be rappin')
It's the biz
(Everybody gotta shine rule one
Read before you sign that dotted line)

(Verse Two: Flip)
So I started freestylin every chance I got
The word on the street was Lil' Flip is hot,
I'm the hardest B.G rhymin in my state
That's when C-Note let me do "Diamonds-N-Yo-Face"
Song was gettin' played like fifty times a day
Then we hit the road doin' shows tryna get paid
I started doin' karioes tryna get out there
It didn't take long for me to put another hit out there
Now I'm in the studio tryna make dollar bills
Some people owe me fa sho since they live down the street,
Rollers actin' like they broke (man show us some love)
I'm tired of hearin that shit all the time
Me and Hump puttin' it down nigga I ain't lyin'
I got record labels mad 'cause I ain't sign
Some niggas stealin my rhymes but I'm still gon' shine
If you can't see this biz dirty then you must be blind

It's the biz
(I'm tryna survive)
It's the biz
(Man forget a ninety five)
It's the biz
(Boy the game is cursole sometimes
You just can't think like the rest)

(Verse Three: Hump)
It's a dirty game but who's to blame
I'm a stay independent y'all choose the fame
Ain't nothin' changed still workin the clock
95 made outta wood and a sun roof on top
And when we sittin' on ya block y'all beez in shock
Cause Houston got Lil' Flip like caddie have crop
When you see Sucka Free give us our props
'Cause we run this rap game believe it or not

(Lil' Flip talkin')
Now you got two choices
You can be a rapper or you can be a C-E-O
Either you can be with the devil
Or you can be with god
Which one you wanna be with

(Verse Four: Flip)
And if you ain't gettin' sued then you might be suin
And if your fans ain't clappin they might be booin
And if you ain't gettin' paid then you might not get paid
I'm sorry sometimes that's how the game gets played
And if you ain't on tour you might not have one
Its 90% business the other half fun
Some niggas get raped for everything they earn
Its just like sex with no protection you get burned

It's the biz
(I'm Sucka Free)
It's the biz
(Everybody want luxury)
It's the biz
(You know what I mean lets talk about
Contracts and get the green)

I heard... you got jacked for your ride
It's the biz
I heard... a nigga usin' your lines
It's the biz
I heard... a nigga bought you a car
It's the biz
He said that he gon' make you a star
And you ain't seen no money so far
That's the biz and now you know
Knowin' is half the battle that's the biz

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