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Sunny Day

This song is by Lil' Flip.

(Hook:Big Shasta)
We rollin' on chrome
Flossin it's a sunny day
Niggas smokin' blunts
Blowin' light green hay
All about our cash
We worked hard and got paid
Stacks mutiplied now its
Time to parlay

It's a sunny day so I'm a pull out the drop
No chain today but I'm a pull out the watch
You know I'm iced out (bling!) lookin' like a wedding cake
I hear niggas whisperin man I bet its fake
But I got cash ride around in drop Jags
With my top back interior all black
With leather seats rimmed up 4 times
I'm in the V-12 watch me blow down
You know me I gotta put my stunt down
And when the laws pass by I put my blunt down
'Cause I stay high like a telophone pole
And I roll on vogues and pimp yellow bone hoes
Swangas and blades is what we sit on
I'm talking on my "flip phone", ya get it "flip phone"
Smokin' on a zone of that sticky-icky-green
Hoes see me in the Jag and say "Flip thinks he clean..."

(Hook:Big Shasta rp.2x)

I'm at the beach party in a pearl white drop
I had to take my bracelet off cause the girls might bop
White Airforce ones Fat Albert tank top Nike head band
Long braids hang out hoes everywhere man its goin' down
The traffics so bad cops sayin' turn around
But you know niggas we gonna try to sneak in
Some niggas going broke tryna ball this weekend
And TJ takin' flicks wit bad broads, Hump in the Benz
Redd in the Jaguar, we leaned out you know
Our car screened out and if we ain't ridin' 20s
We chrome 19ed out 84s got me shinin in the lane
We been ridin' blades stop stealin our slang!
You know what we really ballin down south and all
Niggas jammin Screw and Swisha House...

(Hook:Big Shasta rp2x)


{Big Shasta breakdown}
We rollin' on chrome
(Rollin' on chrome)
And we looking good
(You know we lookin' good)
Grippin on wood...
It's a sunny day in the hood!

You see them 20s spinnin when I'm swangin down the strip
Diamonds hanging off my lip, my trunk bangin' like a crip
Niggas thinkin' I'ma slip but I cain't
If a hater try to jack I'm a waste 'em like drank
I'm ridin' on a full tank, switchin lanes like Maurice
Baguettes on my teeth, maurcetts on my teeth
Iceberg on my feet, the Speedy Gonzales
Big Mar, & Big Hawk yeah them my compadres
We ball everyday like Catino Mobley
I gotta Cartier but have you seen my Roley
I ride Navigator it's my Navigator
I feel like Tela "bound by haters"as I
Slide by Jaimiaca sippin medicine
We wanna bring our cups in but they won't
Let us in so we hit cornbreads and go back
To the house I'm a hold it down for Screw
Know what I'm talking bout!...

(Hook:Big Shasta rp)

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