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Still Ballin'

This song is by Lil' Flip.

(Lil' Flip - talking)
Still ballin'
Ye, we still ballin'
Still ballin', haha
Ye, real definition of ballin'

(Lil' Flip)
I'm still ballin', like trick daddy and pac
Pullin' up in the big do' caddy drop
So top that, I bet you can't cop that
I let you niggaz eat, now I want my spot back
Nigga, I the streets, I bring the heat
Yo bitch can't be a muslim, because she suckin' me
Balls, 'cause I crawl, down to see y'all smokin'
I even get love, way down in Oakland
Feel my pain, and feel my shit
Give me ten minutes, I'll give ya a hit
Just give me a drawin', give me a kick
And watch me drop some tight ass shit
Still ballin', we change to diamonds you knw they still callin'
Twenty inch sprewells still crawlin'
So that mean lil flip is ballin'
I know you see the car, you see the ride
You look in my eyes, you see I'm high
The niggaz beef, thinkin' I'm slippin'
But the reason I'm up, is I ain't sippin'
I used to have a golden smile
Now I fuck wit golden child
I went to school, I graduated
Nineteen ninety nine I navigated
Jumpin' out the lincoln, iceberg swaggin'
Yeah I got money, so it ain't really braggin'
Niggaz be hatin', over hoes that I'm datin'
I'm freestylin', this is demonstration
Bitch ass niggaz wanna act like they hard
Everybody in the world, know you fraud
Oh, you too old for that shit, you need to grow the fuck up
Nah, but on the real you need to blow the fuck up
Or shut the fuck up, and get out the game
'Cause I'm michael Jordan, and I want another rang
And I know you mad, 'cause I'm the champion
I know you like to stirred, but it can't be done

(Lil' Flip - talking)
Haha, still ballin'
Haha, it's ya boi lil flip
This the new underground shit
Straight freestyles shit
Niggaz ain't on that battle rap shit no mo
Sell some records
You can be the best battler nigga
But if you can't sell no records, they gon drop ya
Now battle that
Platinum record, one single
I run the south, biatch
Shout out to my niggaz Play-n-Skillz
Motherfuckin' Dallas, Houston connection
We ballin', nigga
Feel me, screwed up Texas
You know how we do

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