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Soufside Still Holdin'

This song is by Lil' Flip and appears on the album The Leprechaun (2000).

Souf side still holdin' and it ain't no lie
We ride on 4 wit TV's inside
We all suckafree, got the game sewed
When we put the mic down, say man hold up

Souf side still holdin' I'm in a expedition
With a sign on the back that say lets go fishin
I'm Lil Flip, the freestyle king you know me
Baggats and trillion cuts all in my rolie
I just went to the car lot and bought a limo
I got 7 DVD's and I'm watchin RamBo
When I hit the club I ain't starrin' at hoes
I know one thang they bet not step on my Horvana Jobe's
I got Gucci shoes, I got Gucci shades
Lil Flip pull stunts like Super Dave
I keep ballin, keep crawlin, keep prawlin
People wanna know where I'm at keep callin
'Cause I'm a baller I'm always top of the line
2000 Bentley watch it squat to the grind
Poppin' bottles of wine, Moet and crystyle
On the souf side I keep my hand on my pistyle
'Cause people be always tryna show off
They try to jack but I won't take my 4's off
I know... I gotta shine, get rotation on 97.9
U might see my car redder than the nose of Rudolph
Freestyle 10 minutes at Screw House
The freestyle king I always go hard
After concerts I might pull yo braud

(Repeat chrous till fade)

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