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Pimp Juice

This song is by Lil' Flip.

Yo, this the underground though, nigga
Haha, ya know, ye

(Verse One- Lil' Flip)
She wanna get me for my pimp juice
'Cause she gone of the x, and that grey goose
Plus Imma pimp hoe, so I can't pay you
You understand I'm the man
And gettin' money, is the motherfuckin' plan
I'm like a kick stand, 'cause I'm always leanin'
I never do the speed limit, so I'm always speedin'
And it don't take much, to make me happy
'Cause I bin have this shit, way before I was rappin'
Went to cappin', before I, get to clappin'
Niggaz kamikazee style, and make sho I hit the cabin
But don't hold the grudge, when I go see the judge
Till ya locked up nigga, you can't fuck
And ya baby mama, still in the free world
You thought she had one child, now she got three girls
Boi, I'm the real mcoy, you niggaz too faced
I pull a gun to ya mouth, like toothpaste
We in a new state, tryna get the big lick
I got money on my mind, nigga fuck a bitch
Don't worry about snitch, 'cause they talk too much
That's how dumb ass niggaz, get coughed up
But not me, 'cause I never hang out
I got chopper bullets, watch them hoes rang out
And when them cops pull up on the scene
Nine times outta ten, Imma be wit will lean

(Hook- Lil' Flip)
I know you wanna hit the club on dubs, don't ya
I know you wanna smoke all of my bud, don't ya
I know you wanna be my new bitch, don't ya
But I'm sorry, 'cause lil flip don't want ya

(Verse Two- Lil' Flip)
Yeah I don't want ya nasty ass girl, ya gotta be fine
I can't fuck a eight or a seven, you gotta be a dime
I seen you niggaz, gotta be wit stupid hoes
But I feel em, 'cause them hoes buy a niggaz clothes
Fuck the clothes, make ya hoe by ya dro
Pay ya bills, change ya grills, brang you wheels
Lil flip jus got a deal, Imma keep it I got game
You should peep it, you are lame
I'm the flip, the freestyle king of the freestyle gang
I don't sniff nothin', all I do is split buttons
When I pull up to the club, they say flip stuntin'
I'm freestylin' nigga, I hear ya writin' shit
That's why you fuckin' up nigga, it's time you say real shit

(Pimpin' Ken - talking)
Ye, Pimpin' ken, why you chillin' wit these fat ass bitches
Ya fat fat, the burger king got ya gal fat fat
Ye, ye ye, Pimpin' ken, one more time
Hey flip you know what I'm talkin' bout man
We up in this dallas Texas, mayne you know what I'm talkin' bout
Know what I'm talkin' bout, check this out man
I know you talkin' 'bout them pimp juice man
But you know what pimp juice is mayne
It's that shit we got in the pimp cup mayne
Know what I'm talkin' bout, yeah man that's that pimp juice
You that grey goose right?, it's make a hoe turn into a big moose
Ya know what I'm talkin' bout, know what I mean
Imma go pimp some money, real motherfuckin' quick man
You know we got these hoes drunk on this motherfuckin'gang bangin'
You know we ain't alchoholics
We motherfuckin' pimpaholics, in this bitch man
It's Pimpin' Ken and Lil' Flip
You see us on BET, you know how we livin'
(Continues talking till end of song)

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