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Main Bitch Look Shitty

This song is by Lil' Flip.

(Lil' Flip talking)
Haha, that's what the fuck I'm talkin' bout
Man turn the mic up just a little bit
Yeah, yeah this that real shit man
This that shit niggas wanna hear
This the shit these streets like
Alotta of y'all niggas marryin ugly ass hoodrats
Man, ugly main bitch look shitty ya feel me
Yo main bitch look shitty!, yo main bitch look shitty!

(Lil' Flip)
I got hoes nigga you know that
Got these bitches posin for the kodak (cheese)
I'm Lil' Flip and you know where I'm from
Da freestyle King and the fuckin' Leprechaun (Cloverland)
And we can box if you niggas wanna box
We movin rocks 'cause we roll with them glocks
I'm like Pac I'm finna hit them niggas up
Got a tec-nine I'm finna lift them niggas up (not playin')
And I'm lookin' at they hoes
You need to go by yo main hoe some clothes
Cause the bitch is a hoodrat
You ain't know nigga I'm good black wit a million in the bank
A whole cup of drank
I'm doing this nigga I'm hard in the paint
Whether its basketball or rappin' (rappin')
If you gonna hear the new single that bitch called"I'm Cappin"
Well lets talk about these nasty ass hoes (nasty ass hoes)
Steppin out in some nasty ass clothes
I suppose you niggas ain't a pimp
And you trickin to a hoe you a mothafuckin simp

It's the place where niggas love to ball
20 inches that's the way we love to crawl
But yo main bitch look shitty
Yo main bitch look shitty
And my niggas we about that cash
You play wit us we gon' bust that ass
But yo main bitch look shitty
Yo main bitch look shitty
And you see the chrome 20's spinnin

(Lil' Flip)
I know y'all know I just got a deal
I know y'all know I gotta keep it trill
I know y'all know I' m a stay Sucka Free
I know y'all know that y'all can't fuck wit me
I know y'all know I got platinum in my mouth
I know y'all know I'm just rapping at my house
I know y'all know that we gotta studio
And I know y'all rappers act like hoes
I like to fuck with the niggas who real (fa real)
I like to fuck wit niggas who pack steel
I ain't trippin' and I ain't slippin
The reason that I'm up right now 'cause I ain't slippin
But after I rap I'm a go smoke
They called Dayton's and I got 100 spokes
I'm wearin shades and I bought a Honda Los'
But while I rap I'm also runnin' dope
I get on the interstate with my dough
You think I'm a get caught but now I'm sayin' no!
And y'all niggas go to jail and you snitch
And you uglier then ya mothafuckin bitch
And I'm a pitch but I ain't Nolan Ryan
You say you rich and I'm sayin' I know he lyin'
Like Kobe Bryant I'm a get a couple of rings
You see me playa I'm watchin a couple of screens
I'm watchin Mygver I'm a survivor
You playin' wit me paint wet like salava
And I'm crawlin I do it all day
You fuckin' in the class I'm hustlin in the hall way
I went to Worthing had hoes at Sterling
Drove a Suburban know I got ta Excursion
Swervin and never ever shop at Mervyn's
And when you see my Cartier (Damn!) you can't stop Observin
'Cause I got X's in the middle
I gotta Lexus but yours is little
I got a Jag with some Burberry paint (fa real!)
And I ain't even gotta discuss what's in the bank
I did a song with Def Jam but I said no!
I'm a sign wit Sony and get them 0's
And now I'm rich!

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