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Lil Flip Diss Ti Lean Back Remix

This song is by Lil' Flip.

Lil Flip: yeah... look

First of all am a clorgy veteran and y'all really know who am better than... Got no TI can puff with me... You are feather weight you don't even weight a bulk of 50... Nigga you lucky ma plane got delay... 'Cause I wouldve knock yo punk ass off stage... You're a seven time felon would you care about a case ya you got a jail early 'cause yo workin with a stace snitch... You're a bitch been a bitch still a bitch and ya da leprechaun to got me filthy rich... I shouldve know you was a snake when you was at the source photo shoot just smiled at my face... Tryin' to get over my game over remix but I tell you no... I only do tracks when niggaz said I think don't... Niggaz know in street am the hardest so why in the fuck will I diss gold artist... Am from the dirty dirty and I represent I get hit like the muthafuckin president... South side and we ride on the 20 inches I got a million dollar am not a penny pincher Holla back am straight form the street Jump up the jeep with TK in the heat put ya lading on yo lap you brain on ya lap I'm rippin next time I put yo clove on the map holla back I got my nine and my strap everybody you better get yo heelback when flip pops up I leave ya ass tropin dead south side we on trip off over blue and red ill leave you cribble ma pistol in you back bitch make you chess do on fat bitch... Holla back from the streets dowg and ill knock yo ass out of yo feet dowg what's beef ...beef is when a nigga like you can't eat wakin' in no apptite and can't eat but it look both ways before you walk in the streets 'cause you wanna bomb haze wit a nigga like me rubber man and the ak shit but yo first album flap with the gray gay shit halla back nigga hahahah

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