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I'm The Greatest Player

This song is by Lil' Flip.

(Intro: Lil' Flip)
Yeah (Yeah)
Lil' Flip (Lil' Flipper)
EA Sports It's In The Game
NBA Live, Playa Skillz on the track
Holla back, uh, oh oh

(Verse 1: Lil' Flip)
After one year in college, I went straight to the pros
So when I throw a no-look pass, go straight to the goal
Don't move in slow (why?), 'cause I'm hyping up the crowd
'Cause when he shootin these free throws, I want everybody LIVE
I'm the greatest in the game 'cause we winning by thirty
And after the game, I'm gone take off my jersey
And throw it to the fans cause that's how I get down
It's EA Sports and Lil' Flip representin H-Town

(Chorus: Lil' Flip - 2X)
I'm the greatest player to ever play the game (play the game)
I should retire my jersey cause y'all know my name (y'all know my name)
You out of your brain, don't shoot cause you out of your range (you out of
Your range)
'Cause I'm like a mack truck when I'm driving a lane, uh

(Verse 2: Lil' Flip)
Uh, I love this game 'cause I can't get laid off
Plus we get respect if we make it to the playoffs
So watch me stop and pop, it's all in the wrist
Say Lil' Ron hold him, he taller than Chris (swish)
That's what you hear whenever I shoot a three partner (woo)
They double-team, I got shooters in each corner (uh)
So look out (look out)
Before you get took out (took out)
Your coach mad cause you let me hit a hook shot (ha ha)
I got a triple-double (triple-double)
It's one quarter left (one quarter left)
They got home court advantage, (so what?) don't disrespect the ref
Before you get a tech (tech)
We playing for respect (respect)
We about to see who the best out of the east and west

(Chorus: Lil' Flip)

(Verse 3: Lil' Flip)
You better step your game up 'cause I want another ring
You keep playing like you played - they gone trade you to another team
And when the buzzer go off, that mean we the champ (we the champ)
This year we ain't even got to go to camp
Holla back

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